Prómine Singular is a spectacular red wine made by Bodegas Petrón with 100% Mencia grape variety under the protection of the regulatory board of Ribeira Sacra Designation of Origin.

Commercial brand: Prómine Singular

Winery: Bodegas Petrón

Designation of origin: Ribeira Sacra (Galicia, Spain)

Wine type: Red wineGrape varieties: 100% Mencia

Vintage: 2019

Alcohol content: 15%

Bottle capacity: 75 cl.

Tasting Note 

Appearance: Clean and bright in appearance, cherry red colour with marked purple hues.

Bouquet: Intense, deep aroma and of marked complexity, dominated by notes of ripe and balsamic fruits (blueberry, ripe plum, menthol, tobacco).

Palate: Its structure, balance and harmony are noteworthy, good mid-palate, pure silkiness and a long aromatic memory.

Bodegas Petrón has made the most awarded red wines at the XXXII Cata dos Viños de Galicia, Prómine Singular was the red wine chosen by the 14 members of the tasting jury as the Best of the year 2020, while its “younger brother” Prómine Mencía received also recently the Golden Award for the Designation of Origin Ribeira Sacra. The Petrón winery started in 2005 and its wines began to be marketed in 2015, however, behind it there is a history that dates back to the end of the 80s, when they planted the first vines on the slopes of the Doade mountains, in the Amandi subzone. For years, Bodegas Petrón has been buying small plots on which to plant the vines. Its vineyards, which today cover some 10 hectares, are located on the best land in Amandi. They are mainly Mencía vineyards, although they also have small amounts of Garnacha and Sousón, aged over 30 years, which allows them to have high-quality grapes, like those used to make Prómine Singular. These vines have a low production, with few clusters, but they are excellent, barely producing 1,000 kg per hectare compared to the nearly 9,000 kg estimated by the Regulatory Council. At Bodegas Petrón they are very traditional and like to continue doing many processes in an almost traditional way, as they did in the past. They monitor the moons when doing many jobs both in the vineyard and in the winery. Thus, they take into account the lunar phase for racking, avoiding that they coincide with the full moon and they do not prune the vines in this phase either. They also carry out manual cleaning processes at the base of their vines to eliminate weeds. On a day-to-day basis, about 5 people work in the winery and at harvest time or for specific jobs, it increases to about 20 workers. In the winery, part of the success of the wines is due to the work and indications of the winemaker Pablo Estévez, considered for the second consecutive year as the best winemaker for new wines in Spain. At Bodegas Petrón they are involved in wine tourism and are committed to the tourism potential of the Doade area, as they organize guided tours of their facilities and have their own restaurant where they also sell their wines.

The keys to the success of the Prómine Singular wine undoubtedly lie in the perfect use of the extraordinary resources that Bodegas Petrón has today, thanks to magnificent planning, and the work of a highly qualified and expert technical team. A red wine that, as its name suggests, is singular, unique, inimitable, delicious, a true masterpiece just like the land from which it comes.
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