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Leive Reliquia

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Leive Reliquia is a formidable white wine with aging made with the Treixadura, Albariño, Loureira, Lado, Caíño Blanco and Godello grape varieties by Adegas Aurea Lux under the protection of the regulatory board of Ribeiro Designation of Origin. After maceration and racking, the must is cold fermented. Before the end of the process, the musts are transferred to barrels so that they finish the fermentation there. They will be aged in the barrel, with a set of movements and rest, for up to a total of 10 months. Subsequently, it rests in the bottle for at least two months. Bottled, capped, collared and labeled by hand. 3000 bottles.

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WINERY: Adegas Aurea Lux
DESIGNATION OF ORIGIN: Ribeiro (Galicia, Spain)
WINE TYPE: Aged white wine (10 months in barrel and a minimum of 2 in the bottle)
GRAPE VARIETY: Treixadura (50%), Albariño (30%), Loureira (10%) y Lado, Caíño blanco and Godello (5%)
PAIRING: Appetizers, seafood, salads, white fish, pasta, white meats...
RECOMMENDATIONS: It is recommended to serve between 9ºC and 11ºC.

Appearance: Intense golden colour.

Bouquet: It is very powerful; Dairy references appear immediately, especially yogurt and vanilla, clearly revealing its aging in the barrel. However, primary, fruity and herbaceous aromas are superimposed on them, which distinguish it in its range.

Palate: Long, tasty, rich in nuances, prudent acidity.

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It is a family winery, of collectors, hosted by the Ribeiro D.O. that produces and markets wines uninterruptedly for several generations. The winery is located in an old house that still preserves parts of the s. XVII, located in Esposende (Cenlle). In the 1920s, Antonio García Soto acquired the property to live and make his wines there. At that time everything was in bulk, but in the 1970s his son, Manuel García Carrasco, began bottling wines under a brand that bore his name and surname. In the nineties, a third generation undertakes a deep and radical transformation modernizing the facilities, replanting vineyards and innovating in management and marketing processes. The commitment to quality, the combination of art, the contribution to local development and organic farming are the identity elements of the company. Respect for the architectural and natural heritage leads this winery to undertake frequent cultural promotion actions. In this sense, the labeling of its Leive Paradigma wine stands out, in which every two years a different painter participates in creating the label for that wine. At the same time, wine tourism is another of the company’s distinctive axes. The visit to the winery and its vineyards, with a fun and very participatory format, in which visitors bottle their own wine, give this product originality. In recognition of this service, the winery has a Q for tourist quality. Leive Reliquia is a long, tasty, rich in nuances wine with prudent acidity. Leive Reliquia pairs very well with appetizers, seafood, salads, white fish, pasta, white meats…

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